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The CHROMacademy Essential Guide Webcast:
Choosing the Correct Column and Mobile Phase for LC MS Characterization of Biologics

Thursday 15th June 2017,
8:00am PST/ 11:00am EST/ 4:00pm BST/ 4:00pm CET


This webcast will focus on the parameters which are essential for the development of a successful RPLC-MS method for the characterization of a monoclonal antibody. 

The methods will allow for the analysis of the intact species, determination of absolute mass, examination of the major fragments, (Fab/Fc and Hc/Lc), and investigation of the small peptides produced by protease digestion.  

The importance of pore size and mobile phase additives will be addressed and guidance given on how to optimize methods for sensitivity and resolution.

Presented by

Dr. Andrew Coffey (Senior Applications Chemist, Agilent Technologies).

Topics Covered

  • Choosing the correct column pore size for mAb intact, fragment, and peptide analysis
  • Impact of column chemistry on selectivity and resolution
  • Impact of mobile phases additives on selectivity and sensitivity

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LC-MS method development for biologics - Tutorial : Available late June

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Dr. Andrew Coffey
Senior Applications Chemist
Agilent Technologies

Andy joined Polymer Laboratories in 1989 after completing his PhD in peptide synthesis at Wolverhampton, UK. He progressed from Senior Scientist to Product Manager looking after the HPLC column product line before focusing on the Solid Phase specialty particle businesses. He continued as Product Manager adding Biosolutions and Flash chromatography consumables product lines to his portfolio during the acquisition by Varian and then Agilent Technologies, and joined the Biocolumns Applications Team in August 2011.

Andy has considerable experience in reversed phase, ion-exchange and size exclusion liquid chromatography method development, technical support, and troubleshooting - and has a “hands on” attitude to problem solving!