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The aim of this module is to introduce and explain the concept of chromatographic resolution. The resolution equation will be defined and its dependence on the chromatographic parameters retention factor, selectivity, and efficiency illustrated. It will be shown how each parameter can be determined and optimized to improve chromatographic resolution.

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to understand and optimize the main chromatographic parameters. You will also be able to explain and demonstrate the concept of peak asymmetry, and understand how to practically improve chromatographic separations.


Topics include:

  • Resolution
  • The resolution equation
  • Retention factor
  • How to change retention factor
  • Effect of retention factor on resolution
  • Selectivity factor
  • How to change selectivity
  • Effect of selectivity on resolution
  • Efficiency
  • How to change efficiency
  • Effect of efficiency on resolution
  • Peak asymmetry