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Top 10 Tips for Selecting HPLC Column Chemistry and Dimensions

The HPLC column is the heart of a separation. Understanding how to select a column based on analyte chemistry and the required application will set every method up for success. Therefore, in this webcast we will provide our top 10 tips for selecting HPLC columns. We will consider everything from analyte-stationary phase interactions, to solid support materials, and how column dimensions can impact separations; and everything in between!

Topics include:

  • Available support materials – what are the relative advantages and disadvantages of fully porous and core-shell materials?
  • HPLC stationary phase classifications – what does it mean and how do they differ?
  • The effect of stationary phase chemistry on retention and selectivity
  • The effect of HPLC column dimensions on chromatographic parameters
  • How to choose the optimum HPLC column for your application