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In this session, our speakers consider the technique of mixed-mode chromatography and the application areas in which this technique can help chromatographers. The mechanisms of mixed-mode chromatography are discussed alongside the parameters which can be used to optimize selectivity and retention. A series of useful illustrative example are presented with strategies for column selection and screening to allow this technique to quickly become part of the analytical armory!


Topics include:

  • What is mixed-mode chromatography? - evolution and fundamental retention mechanisms
  • Mixed-mode separations – comparison with reversed phase, normal phase, ion exchange, and HILIC chromatography
  • Suitable analytes/applications for mixed-mode chromatography
  • Column selection
  • Retention and selectivity control using organic modifier, buffer strength, and pH
  • Screening and initial method development
  • Interesting illustrative examples
  • The future for mixed-mode phases