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Electrospray is the dispersion of a liquid into electrically charged droplets, combining the two processes of droplet formation and droplet charging. This module discusses the major components of an electrospray interface and investigates methods for optimizing signal.


Topics include:

  • Electrospray source design
  • Electrospray capillary design
  • Source heating (drying gas)
  • T-piece designs
  • Optimizing sprayer/sampling plate configuration
  • Orthogonal spray source designs
  • Cluster ion sampling
  • Curtain gas systems to prevent cluster ions
  • Dielectric capillaries to prevent cluster ions
  • Source cleaning
  • Ion optics ring electrodes
  • Ion optics ion bridges
  • Collision induced dissociation
  • Effect of nozzle skimmer voltages
  • Collision induced dissociation probes