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Ion trapping techniques are important tools in mass spectrometry. However, traditional ion trap mass analyzers have disadvantages in either performance or high complexity and cost. The orbitrap, a new type of mass analyzer, has drawn attention due to its analytical performance in terms of resolution, mass accuracy, space charge capacity and linear dynamic range, and relatively small size and cost. This module will explore the theory and working principles of orbitrap mass analyzers.


Topics include:

  • Analyzer anatomy
  • Equations of motion
  • Continuous ion sources
  • Introduction to linear trapping devices
  • Linear quadrupole ion traps
  • Curved multipoles
  • Curved linear traps
  • Image current detection
  • Ion injection
  • Fourier transform (FT) mode
  • Fourier transform
  • Mass selective instability (MSI) mode
  • Multiply charged ions
  • Tune and calibration
  • High molecular weight application
  • Low molecular weight application
  • Comparison with other analyzers