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In this session, our speakers will consider a range of critical LC-MS method parameters and their impact on analytical sensitivity and specificity. The importance and impact of specific eluent chemistry, interface parameters, analyzer settings and types are all critically reviewed and evaluated in this highly relevant presentation.


Topics include:

  • Impact of mobile phase additives such as TFA, TEA, and ion pair reagents can have on analyte ionization
  • Effects of changing eluent modifier, buffer, and ionic strength in API LC-MS
  • How flow rates effect ionization and whether there is still a need to split column effluent flow
  • Importance and criticality of common source parameters such as nebulizing and drying gas flows, capillary and declustering potentials, sprayer position
  • Impact setting correct optimum scan cycle times and ion dwell times
  • When high resolution and/or high accuracy mass analyzers are required
  • How new LC-MS enabling column technologies permit enhanced ionization