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Troubleshooting LC-MS

LC-MS is a complex technique which makes troubleshooting that little bit more challenging. We will take you through a step-by-step approach which can be used to determine if the problem is related to the method/sample or if it is an instrument fault - and then how to further narrow the source of the issue to particular LC or MS components. Common problems such as contamination, misidentification of the molecular ion, poor signal reproducibility, and ion suppression will also be discussed.


Topics include:

  • Tools to diagnose the source of a problem
  • How to tune and what the tune report tells us
  • Troubleshooting common LC-MS issues
    • Contamination
    • Ion suppression or enhancement
    • Misidentification of the molecular ion
    • Poor signal reproducibility
  • Method/system parameters which should be considered
    • Buffer, flow rate, sample concentration
    • Use of divert valves, using scan function to visualize co-elution problems, source temperature

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