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Fundamentals of HPLC Video Training Course
Session 3


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Session 3 Details

Each part of the liquid chromatograph will be considered starting, in this session, by considering any precautions which must be taken when preparing a mobile phase - this includes selecting the correct purity of solvent, the appropriate buffer, and the essential steps included in mobile phase preparation such as filtering and degassing. 

Next we will consider the pumping system and autosampler.  The components which make up these parts of the instrument will be detailed along with some basic troubleshooting for when problems arise.

Session 3   |  Runtime - 95 min.
  • Mobile Phase Considerations
  • Solvent Pumping Systems
  • Autosamplers
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Tutor support

Dawn Watson (MSci (Hons), PhD)

Dawn WatsonDawn comes from an academic and commercial background. Her PhD and Postdoctoral research focus was in Inorganic chemistry. She has extensive experience in wet chemistry techniques and the use of a wide array of analytical techniques for reaction characterisation and monitoring; HPLC, LC-MS, IR, NMR, and GC. Her commercial experience was gained through the sales and support of automated instrumentation; HPLC, SPE, and LC-MS. Dawn’s experience has been gained with the following companies: Strathclyde University, Princeton University, and Gilson.

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FAQs will be added as students progress through the course.

Tutor support for this session is provided by Dawn Watson (MSci (Hons), PhD).
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