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Embrace learning - Empower your lab

The world’s leading eLearning platform for chromatography and mass spectrometry.


Join the online community of over 80,000 chromatography practitioners, across all levels of experience. Equip your lab with the tool it needs to succeed.

Endorsed by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Chemical Society.


Improve Workflows

Improve Lab Workflows

CHROMacademy is there when you need it, as a learning or reference resource. Through increasing skills, our eLearning platform is proven to reduce downtime by improving knowledge, troubleshooting, and maintenance. 

With a CHROMacademy license, you are granted access to a comprehensive bank of content covering all applications of chromatography and mass spectrometry. Through interactive troubleshooter and access to immediate support through Ask The Expert, you'll always have a place to turn. 

Premier Membership

This grants you access to all CHROMacademy has to offer. Over 350 learning modules, across various formats, all on a cutting edge learning platform designed with the latest user experience and functionality requirements. 

Alongside interactive troubleshooter and Ask The Expert, this is the one-stop solution for analytical chemistry labs around the world. 


For All Chromatographers

Endorsed Content

endorsed by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Chemical Society

All content is developed and updated by highly-knowledgeable chromatographers with decades of experience. To ensure that our content is of the highest possible standard, we have gained endorsement from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Chemical Society.


What’s Inside?

Thousands of eLearning topics across HPLC/GC/Sample Prep/Mass Spec

A comprehensive archive of essential guide webcasts & tutorials

Ask the expert - our experts will answer your chromatography questions within 24 hrs

Assessments - test your knowledge and gather certificates endorsed by the RSC and ACS

Troubleshooting and virtual lab tools to keep your lab running smoothly

About Our Famous Troubleshooters

Lite Membership

Lite membership is totally free, with no credit card details required to sign up and begin learning. This grants you access to part of the world's largest eLearning platform for analytical scientists. Improve your knowledge and skills across the discipline with monthly webcasts, quick guides, and more. 

Find out what CHROMacademy can offer by signing up for your free Lite account today. 

Academic Membership

CHROMacademy is for the whole analytical science community. Access is free for students and academics.

It is already used extensively by the top 10 universities in the world.

See what it can do for you.

Sound Good?

We’d love to hear from you to discuss how CHROMacademy can work for you. Find out more about licensing by talking to our team.