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The world’s largest online training platform for chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Embrace learning - Empower your lab

Find a wide selection of chromatography training courses covering the entire analytical workflow. From basic principles to advanced techniques, content is delivered in multiple formats and available on any device.

CHROMacademy: 2-minute video guide

An e-learning solution that allows you to deploy targeted training that can be used to on-board new starts, support analysts, or create new method developers.

How companies use CHROMacademy

Bridge the gap from university to industry

Reduce downtime and improve workflows

Engage your workforce

Video Training Courses

Learn the Fundamentals of HPLC / GC / GCMS / LCMS or LC & GC Method Development with our expert-led online video courses. Each course contains 4 x 1.5 hour video training sessions, with full tutor support and certification.

All content is developed and updated by highly-knowledgeable chromatographers with decades of experience. Our video training courses have also gained endorsement from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Chemical Society.

Video training is endorsed by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Chemical Society

8 channels covering the entire analytical workflow

Find a wide selection of courses that educate on theory and practical skills.

From basic principles to advanced techniques, in multiple formats, and available on any device.

HPLC Training

HPLC training courses to improve your skills and knowledge.

GC Training

GC training courses across the discipline of gas chromatography.

Basic Lab Skills Training

Master the crucial foundations of lab work.

Sample Prep Training

Start your analyses right by taking our sample preparation training.

LC-MS Training

LC-MS courses to help you gain competence.

GC-MS Training

Learn GC-MS online with our huge selection of eLearning content.

Spectroscopy Training

Learn the theory and practice of key spectroscopic techniques.


Gather the skills and knowledge for biochromatography.

Assessments & Reporting

Each module comes with an assessment to test user knowledge - certificates are awarded upon completion.

Managers can set goals and track user progress.

Custom learning paths

Working alongside the CHROMacademy tutors, you can create bespoke learning paths covering everything from the fundamentals of HPLC through to advanced LCMS method development.

New content released in 2022



  • GC-MS Introduction
  • GC-MS Ionization
  • Ion Mobility Spectrometry
  • Automatic Pipettes
  • GC-MS Vacuum Systems
  • Introduction to Mass Analyzers
  • Quadrupole Mass Analyzers
  • Ion Trap Mass Analyzers
  • Magnetic Sector Mass Analyzers
  • HPLC Pumping Systems
  • GC-MS Acquisition Modes
  • Practical HPLC Video Bootcamp
  • Balances

Quick Guides

  • Vacuum or Positive Pressure: Which is Best for SPE Processing?
  • Soxhlet Extraction
  • HPLC Derivatization
  • GC Derivatization
  • Fundamentals of Biomolecules
  • SPE Method Development Interactive Learning Tool
  • GC-MS Troubleshooting - Sensitivity
  • GC-MS Contamination
  • What Can a GC-MS Tune Report Tell You?
  • Troubleshooting Chromatography Vials


  • Characterization of Biopharmaceuticals by Multidimensional LC-MS
  • HPLC Method Reliability
  • Mobile Phase Issues
  • HPLC Column Issues
  • How to Troubleshoot HPLC Extra Peaks and Contamination Like a Pro
  • Troubleshooting Pump Issues
  • LC-MS MAM Analysis of Adeno-Associated Virus Particles
  • Troubleshooting Autosampler Issues
  • Weighing, Pipetting, and Volumetric Glassware – More Than Just Basic Lab Skills
  • Method Development Optimization from Characterization to Purification of Oligonucleotides
  • System Suitability for HPLC

What's coming in 2023 (in no particular order)

  • Eliminating Error During Preparation of Samples
  • Quality by Design (QbD)
  • HPLC Method Review and Workload Planning
  • Practical Video HPLC Maintenance
  • Fundamental Chemistry
  • ICP-MS
  • LC-MS – full channel update
  • GC-MS Qualitative Analysis/Library Searching
  • GC-MS Qualitative and Quantitative Data Techniques
  • GC-MS – Using Hydrogen as Carrier Gas
  • GC Troubleshooting
  • Dissolution
  • Fundamental Calculations for Analytical Scientists
  • Bulb Pipettes
  • TLC

** Plus a new 'Graduates to Analyst' training programme and a wide selection of webcasts and learning paths covering all techniques used in an analytical lab. **

HPLC & GC Interactive Troubleshooting Tools

With the help of our troubleshooters, members learn not only how to fix their problems but, more importantly, how to prevent them from recurring.

  1. Select chromatographic symptoms

  2. Select instrument symptoms

  3. We return a list of possible causes ranked by our industry experts

Each problem has a concise summary and recommended solutions.