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CHROMacademy 2024 sponsorship opportunities

Sponsor content on CHROMacademy and reach people a world-wide scientific audience. 

  • Lead generation

  • Thought leadership

  • Brand awareness

Sponsorship Opportunities

Choose from a range of learning content and topics to generate your own unique sponsorship package. 

  • Webcasts: Sponsor a CHROMacademy essential guide or provide your own content
  • Interactive Troubleshooters: Groundbreaking troubleshooting tools to help reduce downtime
  • Video Bootcamps: Our Bootcamps cover the essential skills needed to succeed in the lab
  • Modules: A comprehensive range of training modules across all disciplines are available
  • Quick Guides: Bite size Quick Guides focus on key topics and common pain points in the lab


Digital footprint

We excel in delivering high quality, engaged leads to you. Get your brand in front of potential customers. 

  • 90k members
  • 175k email reach
  • 135k average monthly page views

Our monthly webcasts are also an effective source of leads, with an average of 800 engaged registrants per event. 

Grow your business

CHROMacademy is the world’s largest eLearning website for analytical scientists, packed with training courses that help our members improve their skills and productivity.

Lead generation

CHROMacademy webcasts deliver 800 registrations on average and popular events deliver over 1,000 sales-ready leads to our sponsors

Thought leadership

Join forces with the CHROMacademy team as we deliver the best educational content to your industry

Brand awareness

Communicate your company’s technical expertise, and with over 175,000 names in our database we can help you reach a truly global audience

Our audience

CHROMacademy members come from industry, academia, government and healthcare backgrounds. You can reach a wide range of demographics with a variety of job functions, geographies, and chromatographic techniques used

Sponsored content & advertising on CHROMacademy

Pick and choose from a wide range of training content and topics to generate your own unique sponsorship journey. Our content is served up in many different forms, allowing you to create a portfolio of sponsored content that aligns with your brand and thought leadership goals. 

Advertising and house ads also provide leads that are engaged in the analytical sciences. You can add house ads to any of our 9 channels to get your brand and promotions in front of potential customers.