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Build skills and knowledge in chromotography with eLearning

ChromTalks 2022

ChromTalks 2022

Chromatography and mass spectrometry training courses, across 8 key channels

With everything from basic principles to advanced techniques, we offer a wide selection of eLearning for scientists of all levels. Content is delivered in multiple formats and available on any device.

HPLC Training

HPLC training courses to improve your skills and knowledge.

GC Training

GC training courses across the discipline of gas chromatography.

LC-MS Training

LC-MS courses to help you gain competence.

GC-MS Training

Learn GC-MS online with our huge selection of eLearning content.

Sample Prep Training

Start your analyses right by taking our sample preparation training.

Spectroscopy Training

Learn the theory and practice of key spectroscopic techniques.

Basic Lab Skills Training

Master the crucial foundations of lab work.


Gather the skills and knowledge for biochromatography.

Used by analytical organisations across the world

Analytical organisations across the world

Grasp the fundamentals

Reduce error and repeat analysis

Improve fundamental practical knowledge and reduce costs incurred from repeat analysis

CHROMacademy is used by over 80,000 chromatographers around the world

The go-to platform for improving chromatography knowledge

Bridge the gap

Prepare graduates for the jump to industry

Get up and running on HPLC, GC, and mass spec with our practical Bootcamps

Used extensively at academic institutions including these top universities

Chromacademy and academia

Start building skills today

Improve the basic level of knowledge and reduce cost of repeat analysis

How companies use CHROMacademy

Bridge the gap from university to industry

Ease training burden on existing staff

Continuous learning allows staff to move seamlessly within your organization

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