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When it all goes wrong... Ask the Expert.

Just get in touch and we will reply within 24 hrs and then work with you to resolve the issue.

We do have a few guidelines as to the type of questions we can answer, please read these FAQ's before submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

Ask the Expert FAQ’s

  1. Do you offer advice on software?
    Due to the complexity and diversity of the many software packages in use, ordinarily we don’t offer any support in relation to software. However if one of our team has experience on the package you’re using then we’ll try to provide advice if we can. No harm in asking.

  2. Do you provide applications?
    We do not keep an applications or publications database within CHROMacademy. You know what you’re looking for, so it’s better that you do the google search.

  3. Do you provide advice on method development?
    We provide basic general advice as part of the Ask the Expert Function, however, if we’re asked to provide detailed advice on a specific method/compound then you can appreciate this requires a lot of time and we’d need to charge for this via the consultancy service.

  4. Do you interpret mass spectra?
    This is a highly specialized, time-consuming and complex exercise and is not available through the Ask the Expert function, however, we may be able to support this through the consultancy service, which would be charged.

  5. Do you provide advice on setting limits or deciding pass/fail on data?
    Setting these types of limits is method-specific and is often governed by in-house SOPs or by external regulatory bodies. As we do not have access to all regulatory documentation we may not be able to help to provide specific limits. However, we may be able to provide some initial guidelines on setting chromatographic parameters.

  6. Do you provide troubleshooting advice on instrumentation?
    We can provide basic advice on general troubleshooting of common issues experienced by analysts, to supplement the material available in CHROMacademy, however, due to the diversity of instrumentation used in support of chromatography and the potential for damage if any advice is misinterpreted, we cannot supply any advice relating to a particular model of instrument.

  7. Do you provide troubleshooting advice on chromatographic issues?
    We provide general advice on troubleshooting common problems (e.g. poor precision, peak shape etc.). If this requires a review of method-specific data you’ll appreciate this can become very time-consuming and may have to be accommodated through the charged consultancy service.
The ask the expert form is only available to Premier Members.