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Q: Internet Explorer - Website not working with my browser, how do I fix this?

Our new website does not support Internet Explorer, however, the site has been designed to function across multiple platforms i.e. PC and mobile (Windows 10, IOS and Android) on any modern browser such as Chrome, Edge and Safari. 

Q: The log-in button is not working, how can I access the learning material?

If nothing happens when you click the log-in button then you are most likely using Internet Explorer. Please try logging in on a modern browser such as Chrome, Edge or Safari.

Q: How can I check if I already have an account? 

If you’re not sure if you have an account with us you can enter your email address here and we’ll send you a link to reset your account. 

Q: How can I reset/change my password? 

You can use this link to reset your login details. 

Q: How can I sign up for a Premier account? 

Currently you can sign up for a full premier license here 

If you are interested in a training solution for a small group or your entire team click here 

Q: Do you have a free trial? 

Yes, you can create a free Lite account by clicking on any of the “Sign up for a free Lite Account” links across our site. If you would like to try a Premier account with full access to all of our content, why not reach out to one of our sales executives via our contact us facility and request a full trial: 

Q: Do academics/students get free access? 

Yes, academics and students can sign up for a free Agilent sponsored account by clicking on the “Sign up for a free Lite Account” link and then selecting “Academic” link from the subsequent menu. 

Q: What do I need to access this site? 

Our site has been designed to function across multiple platforms i.e. PC and mobile (Windows 10, IOS and Android) on any modern browser such as Chrome, Edge and Safari. You will also need internet access with at least 2Mb/s. Our site performs best when using Chrome. 

Q: Can you provide chromatography technical support to help me with a problem at work? 

Yes, our Premier members can take advantage of our “Ask The Expert” facility here and within 24 hrs one of our team of dedicated experts will be in touch. 

Q: How do I find content e.g. your video courses? 

All of our content can be found by clicking on the “Library” link at the top menu of our site e.g. to find the Fundamentals of HPLC Video Training Course , just click on the “Library” link and roll over the “HPLC”, “Principles” and you will find our Video Courses listed along with the relevant Modules , Quick Guides and Webcasts. 

Similarly, to find the GC Method Development Video Training Course click on the “Library” link then roll over the “GC”, then “Method development” and the Video Courses will be listed along with the relevant Webcasts. 

Where there is more content than can be listed within the menu system, you will find links to view more at the bottom of each type of content e.g. “+ VIEW MORE MODULES”. 

Q: I am a student. Can I get access to the old version of CHROMacademy and my history? 

The older version of our site is no longer available and over the next few months all your training records will be transferred to the new site. If there is an immediate need to access your history contact us directly at [email protected]

Q: Will I be able to create an account on the older version of CHROMacademy? 

No, we will not be creating accounts on Legacy CHROMacademy. 


For all enquires please email [email protected] and mark your message for the attention of...

  • Academic Team - Post questions on analytical chemistry or feedback suggestions for content in each department

  • General Enquiries - Anything you want to ask about or let us know!

  • Sales Team - For support on your subscription or to enquire about Enterprise or Academic licences

  • Suggest a Topic - Do just that!

  • Technical Support - For all your needs relating to viewing and interacting with the site

  • Essential Guide Webcasts - Feedback your thoughts on the CHROMacademy Essential guides