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Oligonucleotides have emerged as an area of promise in biopharmaceutical research because of their ability to target different biological pathways and treat a wide range of diseases. These oligos can range in size, sequence complexity, and overall modifications. As a result, the analysis and purification of synthetic oligonucleotides by liquid chromatography is critical and complex.

In this webinar, suggestions will be provided on column chemistry, mobile phase, column loading, and, most importantly, how to scale-up a method from analytical to prep. Moreover, insights will be provided on the newest Bio-inert instruments to gain optimum results and maximum resolution from an LC column.


Topics include:

  • The importance of oligonucleotide size in chromatography
  • The importance of column chemistry/particle size/pore size when analyzing oligos
  • Differences between reversed-phase and ion exchange chromatography
  • Tips and tricks on scalable solutions from analytical to preparative scale