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This webcast will demonstrate the value of training, and in particular, online training with CHROMacademy. We will exhibit the breadth and depth of content that is practical and relevant to your daily work. The training doesn’t just stop once you have completed a module – other content is available, from fundamental to advanced topics; content is regularly updated, and there are tools within the site that can be used time and time again, such as our interactive Troubleshooters and Ask the Expert. The breadth of the content in CHROMacademy allows users to gain expertise as their careers progress and their requirement for knowledge of different areas of chromatography expands.


Topics include:

  • Introduction to eLearning
    • Why eLearning is beneficial
    • Time saving/cost saving
    • Material is always accessible
    • Up-skill your lab
    • Less instrument down time
    • CHROMacademy is a CPD site (tracked learning)
  • CA membership
    • Types of membership and what is accessible
  • CA content
    • Overview of the amount of content – updated regularly with new content
    • Demonstration of individual content types
      • Modules, webcasts, quick guides, video courses, bootcamps
      • Assessments to track learning
      • Troubleshooting tools – troubleshooter and ATE
      • Reports that track user engagement with all content
    • Particular features of the website that allow you to customize your training
      • Learning paths
      • Administrator functions