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Over the past decade, peptide therapeutics have kept pace with scientific innovation by expanding into new indications and disease targets, by exploiting novel chemistry strategies to broaden molecular diversity, and by engineering enhanced pharmaceutical properties. As peptides become increasingly attractive as diagnostic and therapeutic candidates for drug development, their efficient purification from complex crude sample mixtures is extremely important for high purity compounds. When developing reversed phase liquid chromatography (LC) purification methods for a target peptide, the chromatographic separation of the target from a broad range of impurities needs to be optimized and the stationary phase must provide adequate resolution and recovery. In other instances, it is the impurities themselves that must be isolated in order to be fully characterized.

In this webinar, we will present effective strategies to improve peptide purification via reversed-phase chromatography in order to optimize your purification methods and maximize the yield of separation. We will examine some important stationary phase characteristics that impact the selectivity and resolution of peptides, whether exploring columns for purification or for analysis. We will also discuss the behavior of different reversed phase columns with variations in ligands characteristics, base particle compositions and pore sizes to guide optimal purification development.


Topics include:

  • How to select optimal columns and stationary phases to maximize the yield of separation while purifying a targeted peptide 
  • Method development strategies to increase resolution by increasing selectivity using mobile phase and stationary phase
  • Understanding how to achieve reliable and accurate analytical results before you start your preparative separation