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With the worldwide growth in the oligonucleotide therapeutic market, applying the appropriate tools for oligonucleotide purification and scale-up is essential. With the complex impurity profiles of synthetic oligonucleotides and varying sequence modifications and lengths, thoughtful optimization of HPLC methodologies is essential for final pure oligonucleotides for research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. This webinar will discuss the common challenges associated with oligonucleotide purification, focusing on Agilent’s suite of Bio LC column solutions designed to address the complex needs of the market.


Topics covered include:

  • Technical challenges and impurities associated with oligonucleotide synthesis
  • Common oligonucleotide purification methodologies
  • AEX vs IP-RP and the best choice based on purity, scale, temperature, and instrumentation
  • Method optimization considerations and challenges