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What GC-MS Operators Need to Know

This informative webcast discusses special GC considerations, how analyte ionization works, and the principles of mass analysis using quadrupole devices. We will show you how to interpret an MS tune report, the power of various MS operating modes, and how to process and understand the data you generate. This essential information will allow you to better implement this technique successfully in your laboratory.


Topics include:

  • Essential sample preparation troubleshooting strategies
  • Why do we use MS detectors with GC?
  • Vacuum – don’t be scared!
  • What special GC considerations are there when working with MS detectors
  • Setting GC acquisition parameters
  • Electron ionization (EI) and chemical ionization (CI)
  • Quadrupole mass analyzers
  • Understanding tune reports
  • Setting MS acquisition parameters
  • Understanding GC-MS data