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Translating GC Methods from Helium to Hydrogen Carrier Gas

This webcast will provide practical information on how to change methods quickly and simply to hydrogen carrier gas. The chromatographic benefits of adopting modern column geometries in conjunction with hydrogen carrier gas will be discussed. We will also highlight a very practical approach to method translation based on experience, and we will feature many tools and calculations which can be used to ease the translation experience and maximize the benefits! We will discuss regulatory challenges, such as, the need for method re-validation and approaches to verifying translated methods.


Topics include:

  • Key reasons and benefits of translating GC methods to hydrogen carrier
  • Direct translation or to improve speed and efficiency?
  • Tools and calculations to help with translation
  • What needs to be done – a practical checklist
  • Case study examples – avoiding pitfalls and maximizing benefits
  • Is method re-validation required?