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The session will consider the need for multidimensional separations in gas chromatography and the application areas in which this technique has found great utility, as well as the various means by which 2D serial column GC can be achieved. We will consider the instrumentation required for the comprehensive 2D technique, with special emphasis on column stationary phase and dimensions as well as the design and role of the modulator within the system. Detection and data treatment are also carefully considered as these are often the driving force behind the successful implementation of the technique form both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. 


Topics include:

  • Why are multidimensional separations required?
  • Peak capacity in multidimensional GC
  • Typical application areas
  • Comprehensive vs. other multidimensional serial column techniques
  • Instrumentation overview
  • Traps and modulators – design and important practical aspects
  • Stationary phase and column dimension choices
  • MS and other detectors for multidimensional GC
  • Data reduction/quantitative analysis