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The most important thing in GC is to obtain the optimum resolution in the minimum time. Each of the important chromatographic parameters (resolution, retention factor, selectivity, efficiency, and asymmetry) are explained and illustrated with real life examples in this module. 

At the end of this module you will be able to estimate resolution between peaks within a chromatogram, explain how resolution is influenced by retention factor, selectivity, and efficiency, recognize which of these factors should be improved to increase resolution within specific separations, develop strategies to efficiently optimize resolution – using the other chromatographic parameters, and suggest ways to carry out optimization and troubleshooting of separations in a practical context.


Topics include:

  • Chromatographic resolution
  • The resolution equation
  • Retention factor
  • How to change retention factor
  • Effect of retention factor on resolution
  • Selectivity (separation) factor
  • How to change selectivity
  • Effect of selectivity on resolution
  • Efficiency
  • How to change efficiency
  • Effect of efficiency on resolution
  • Peak asymmetry