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This educational webcast will provide information on HPLC column characterization and selection for reversed phase separations. In this session, our speakers present a definitive guide to the advanced classification of HPLC stationary phases. We will consider the critical characteristics of HPLC supports and bonded phase ligands for reversed phase HPLC and the way in which these materials are classified in terms of the essential performance characteristics by column vendors and independent testing organizations alike. We will also discuss how classification results can be used to select columns for HPLC method development and the relationships between analyte and column characteristics. A must see for everyone using or developing methods for reversed phase HPLC.


Topics include:

  • Essential characteristics of an HPLC stationary phase
  • Review of bonded phase chemistry
  • Why characterize HPLC columns?
  • Column classification databases
  • Common classification tests
  • Interpreting classification results
  • Using column classification to aid column selection
  • Relating column properties to analyte characteristics
  • Similar and orthogonal phases
  • Column classification – the future