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Troubleshooting Sample Preparation

This webcast will address some of the most common problems encountered in the lab when carrying out sample preparation using filtration, liquid/liquid extraction (LLE), and solid phase extraction (SPE). We will provide troubleshooting strategies as well as tips and tricks to avoid problems in the first place.


Topics covered:

  • Essential sample preparation troubleshooting strategies
  • Filtration
    • Selecting the correct filter membrane
    • Avoiding unwanted analyte/membrane interactions
    • Matching filter dimensions to sample volume
  • Liquid/liquid extraction (LLE)
    • Improving quantitation
    • Treating emulsions
    • Acid/base/neutral extractions - where’s the analyte?
  • Solid phase extraction (SPE)
    • Dealing with the most common SPE problems: recovery, reproducibility & cleanliness