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lab awards 2023 winners

CHROMacademy Wins Prestigious Commitment to Skills and Training Award at the 2023 Lab Awards

CHROMacademy is thrilled to announce that we have been honored with the Commitment to Skills and Training Award at this year's Lab Awards, hosted by Lab Innovations.

The prestigious accolade celebrates our dedication to enhancing the skills and training of professionals in the field of chromatography, further solidifying our position as the gold standard for training and education in the industry.

The Lab Awards, a highly regarded event in the scientific community, recognizes outstanding achievements and innovations in laboratory technology and practices. CHROMacademy's win in the Commitment to Skills and Training category serves as a testament to the organization's relentless efforts in promoting continuous learning and skill development.

The panel of esteemed judges at the Lab Awards were deeply impressed by our comprehensive training platform, which stood out for its learner-focused approach and its ability to cater to a wide audience effectively. One judge commended CHROMacademy’s "training resources and learner-focused approach. The comprehensive training platform appears well-targeted, catering to a wide audience and promoting continuous learning effectively."

Furthermore, the judges praised our collaborative efforts with Agilent Technologies, specifically noting our combined support for the university sector. "It is great to see collaboration with Agilent to support the university sector," one judge mentioned, highlighting the far-reaching impact of the partnership.

Our Product Manager, Dr Dawn Watson, expressed excitement and gratitude for the award, stating, "It's great to receive recognition for everything we have built at CHROMacademy. We are committed to providing high-quality training resources and promoting excellence in chromatography. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team."

The collaborative efforts between CHROMacademy and Agilent Technologies in support of students and academics worldwide also received acknowledgment, with nomination and shortlisting in the Best Collaborative Project category. The award highlights the significant contribution made by both organizations in advancing scientific education and training.

CHROMacademy extends its heartfelt thanks to Lab Innovations for this prestigious recognition. The organization remains dedicated to empowering professionals in the field of chromatography and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Interested in getting CHROMacademy in your lab? Then talk to our team about how it can help you manage internal training and continuous professional development.