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Critical Evaluation of HPLC Methods Webcast

This webcast will evaluate many of the aspects of the HPLC process giving you useful practical information on how to use these parameters to alter your HPLC method, resulting in better and more robust chromatography. There are numerous factors that affect the quality of your HPLC separation; including mobile phase composition, temperature, ionic strength, pH, column dimensions, stationary phase chemistry and support material characteristics. These can all be manipulated to change and improve your HPLC analyses. However, what are the changes we should expect? Will retention improve if another solvent is used and would we expect selectivity to change? Will certain analytes elute in the same order if the mobile phase pH, ionic strength, additives or temperature are changed?


Topics include:

  • The effect of mobile phase polarity on HPLC separations
  • The role of a buffer in an HPLC separation and how it should be chosen
  • The effect of temperature on analyte retention and selectivity
  • Additives for improved chromatography
  • Stationary phase and support material chemistry
  • The effect of column dimensions on gradient elution
  • Why and when you would use a guard column or in-line filter