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Top Tips to Improve Reproducibility and Sensitivity in Solid Phase Extraction

The material provided in this webcast will give you further insight into the fundamentals of SPE as well as the process of method development to best give a robust and sensitive method. We will give tips for improving both SPE reproducibility and sensitivity. The most pertinent steps in SPE method development will be discussed, and how the decisions which are made can impact your results.


Topics include:

  • Sorbent selection – the key to good reproducibility and sensitivity
  • Understanding your extraction chemistry
  • Tips for optimizing SPE protocol steps
  • Sorbent equilibration and sample loading considerations
  • Solvent flows, soak steps, and drying steps – expert tips
  • Wash steps - how to avoid the hazards and optimize your recovery
  • Sample elution – be brave to achieve lower detection limits
  • Matrix effects and how to overcome them

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