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Improve lab workflows

Consistent training programs for analytical labs

✓ All theoretical & practical training at your fingertips

✓ Create training courses tailored to the needs of your lab

✓ Ask the expert - get a response within 24 hours

✓ Track and benchmark training


Why labs use CHROMacademy

Bridge the gap from university to industry

Ease training burden on existing staff

Consistent learning across organization

CHROMacademy Overview

Empower your lab with CHROMacademy, the one-stop solution for lab training programs. 

Suitable for all levels of experience

Content covers the entire analytical workflow

Modern Learning Management System

All the tools to track learning progress

Administrators have full control and visibility over group and individual training.

Learning Paths allow you to curate a series of learning content. We have created a selection
to get you started.

Bookmarking allows you to save specific content for later, and Learning History displays all
the learning that has been completed and by whom.

Tangible benefits for your organization

Reduce downtime and improve workflows

Increase lab productivity

Improve self-sufficiency

Introduce eLearning into your lab

Talk to our team to discover licensing options for your organization

More than learning

Have a problem in the lab? Get answers now

Our interactive troubleshooting tools offer a quick fix to problems in the lab. In three simple steps, get a solution to all of the most common instrumentation issues. When this doesn't work, Ask The Expert allows you to pose questions to our technical experts. We will respond within 24 hours to help you get your analyses back on track. 

CHROMacademy does more than help users to improve skills and knowledge—we can solve problems in real-time.