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Weighing, Pipetting, and Volumetric Glassware – More than Just Basic Lab Skills

Every analyst must carry out fundamental lab tasks every day, such as, weighing, pipetting, and using volumetric glassware. Use of these everyday pieces of equipment should be straightforward, however, mistakes in these tasks can result in costly re-analyses which are complex to troubleshoot. Even the most basic tasks can be improved to ensure better analytical results, therefore, this webcast will provide you with essential knowledge that everyone can apply to their routine lab practices.

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Topics include:

  • Balances
    • Selecting the correct balance
    • Importance of balance location
    • Weighing with balances
    • Problems when weighing
  • Pipetting
    • Modes of pipetting
    • Choosing the correct pipette
    • Importance of pipette tips
    • Pipette care and maintenance
  • Volumetric glassware
    • Selection and use of volumetric glassware
    • Volumetric glassware accuracy and calibration

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