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Pipetting is one of the most common tasks carried out in the lab, yet it can be highly error prone which will adversely impact results. Good pipetting technique comes with training and practice - something that we can offer in this module.

The focus of this module is to provide you with practical information to improve your pipetting technique - this encompasses the use of pipettes, how to select the correct pipette and tip, how to and why we calibrate pipettes, as well as how to maintain them in order to have confidence that they are functioning reliably. All of this is explained using video and animation to provide practical training. And once you have completed the module, test your pipetting technique using our practical exercises.


Topics include:

  • Automatic pipette types
  • Modes of pipetting
  • Choosing the correct pipette
  • Pipette tips
  • Pipetting technique
  • Pipette calibration
  • Why calibrate?
  • Pipette care and maintenance
  • Practical exercises