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Most quantitative analytical determinations will involve a weighing stage. Any weight measurements are subject to error which must be minimized to ensure the lowest possible systematic quantitative deviation in the final result obtained. It is important that prior to carrying out any weighing task you are familiar with any governing bodies to whose standards you must comply or with any in-house SOPs for your company regarding the correct use of balances. This module focuses on the use of balances in the lab and discusses best practice on their use.


Topics include:

  • Use of balances - introduction
  • Selecting the correct balance
  • Balance location
  • Balance calibration
  • Containers and types of substances to be weighed
  • Weighing with balances
  • Problems when weighing
  • Balance specifications
  • Microbalance weighing - hazard and risk
  • Microbalance weighing - technique
  • Microbalance practical exercises