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Troubleshooting HPLC Mobile Phase Issues

The HPLC mobile phase impacts retention and selectivity of analytes, therefore, mistakes in designing and preparing mobile phases will lead to considerable problems. Let us teach you which areas of mobile phase preparation and design are most likely to result in method errors, ensuring you have the tools to recognize problems before they occur.


Topics include:

  • Overview of mobile phase
  • Flow rate
  • Importance of pH
  • Typical components
  • Buffers
    • Type
    • pH
    • Molarity
  • Organic
  • Ion pairing agents
  • Mobile phase preparative errors
    • pH adjustment
    • Mixing
    • Filtration
    • Degassing
  • Gradient elution
    • Overview of effect of 5 main parameters
    • Differences in pump gradient mixing
    • Dwell volume

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