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The Rights and Wrongs of Mobile Phase Preparation

Mobile phase preparation - what could possibly go wrong? Weigh your buffer, quick pH check, measure out the organic, mix it all together and you have the perfect mobile phase ready to go. If only it were that simple. Let us walk you through a typical mobile phase preparation process highlighting how to avoid common pitfalls such as contamination from glassware, selecting the wrong buffer salt form, mixing organic and aqueous in the incorrect order, filtering with an inappropriate membrane and much, much more. After watching this webcast there will be much more right than wrong with your mobile phase preparation.

Topics include:

  • Introduction – the role of mobile phase
    • Why mobile phase preparation consistency is important
  • Pre-preparation
    • Glassware selection and cleaning
    • Weight and volume calculation
    • Reagent quality and salt form    
    • Buffers
  • Preparation
    • Balance calibration
    • Weighing and dissolving
  • pH adjustment
  • Mixing buffer and organic            
  • Filtering/degassing