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The aim of this module is to explain the principles of ion pair chromatography and to demonstrate the circumstances under which this approach might be used. We investigate the common reagents used for ion pair chromatography and explain how to choose the appropriate reagents. We also demonstrate the effects of the important parameters associated with ion pair chromatography, concentrating on ion reagent choice and concentration. 

At the end of this module you will be able to illustrate how to practically optimize ion pair separations as well as demonstrate applications of ion pair chromatography, including the use of volatile reagents for LC-MS.


Topics include:

  • Fundamental mechanism
  • Reagents
  • Retention and selectivity
  • Important parameters in ion pair chromatography
  • Optimizing ion pair concentration
  • Applications and ion pairing for LC-MS
  • Practical ion pair chromatography
  • Getting started with ion pair HPLC