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ChromTalks 2023 - Troubleshooting HPLC ON DEMAND

Find the talks from Day 2 of ChromTalks 2023, Troubleshooting HPLC Workflows. These are all available on demand on CHROMacademy, as well as suggested supporting content. Just login or sign up for a free Lite account to unlock the talks. 

This year, our focus is on helping you troubleshoot your chromatographic workflows, from sample preparation through detection, for liquid chromatography (LC). Our expert talks will provide you with both specific troubleshooting tips as well as explanations of the underlying processes to guide you through both making the best choices for your separation up front as well as fixing problems that may arise later. 

Key Issues with Sample Preparation for Liquid Chromatography

Douglas E. Raynie, South Dakota State University

Essentials of LC Troubleshooting—Some Problems Just Never Go Away

Dwight R. Stoll, Gustavus Adolphus College

Listen to Your LC Instrument—It Is Trying to Tell You Something!

Merlin K.L. Bicking, ACCTA, Inc. 

Leveraging Optimal Performance of Charged Aerosol Detection Through Optimization and Troubleshooting Techniques

Imad A. Haidar Ahmad, Merck & Co., Inc. 

Beyond the HPLC Column: Understanding Non-Column Factors That Influence Peak Widths and Shapes in High-Efficiency Separations

M. Farooq Wahab, University of Texas at Arlington

Beyond the HPLC Column - Related CHROMacademy Content

The Top Seven Autosampler Problems and How to Avoid Them

Dr Dawn Watson, Element Lab Solutions, Strathaven, UK  

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