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In this webcast, our speakers present practical troubleshooting and maintenance information associated with HPLC autosamplers, columns, and detectors. This session examines different autosampler designs, injection valve operations, and common problems associated with modern HPLC autosamplers. Sample solvent and injection volume effects on chromatography will also be discussed in detail. We will consider column hardware design, materials of construction and associated issues – including minimizing dead volume and avoiding/troubleshooting column blockage issues, especially with the popular sub-2 µm column packing materials. We will also investigate the importance of controlling the temperature of the column during analysis and the potential chromatographic effects of poor temperature control. We will conclude by reviewing common HPLC detector hardware problems and the chromatographic issues associated with detector hardware and acquisition settings. We will build a checklist of suggested maintenance operations as well as outlining common diagnostic tests.


Topics include:

  • Autosampler designs, common problems, and avoiding carryover
  • Sample solvent and injection volume effects
  • Column hardware design, construction, and mechanisms of column blockage
  • Column temperature control issues
  • Common HPLC detector problems
  • Chromatographic symptoms and diagnostic tests
  • Common maintenance operations