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Optimize and Troubleshoot Your HPLC System: Degassers, Pumps, and Autosamplers

Learn how HPLC instrument components function in order to correctly maintain and troubleshoot the system for maximum up-time and optimum chromatography. This webcast will focus on the degasser, pumps, and autosampler. Poorly degassed solvents will cause noisy baselines and columns may be damaged; pumps which do not deliver the correct flow rate can result in drifting retention times; while an autosampler which does not deliver the correct sample volume will impact peak shape and quantitation.   


Topics include:

  • Basic principles of degasser design
  • Binary and quaternary pump design, operation, and optimization
  • Operating principles of common autosampler designs
  • Principles of the injection valve
  • Troubleshooting problems and proper maintenance of HPLC degassers, pumps, and autosamplers