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Prepare graduates for life in the analytical laboratory

CHROMacademy training bridges the gap from university to industry, helping early career scientists thrive in their new environment. 

Take the training burden off existing staff and prepare your graduates. 

Setting up to succeed

CHROMacademy Bootcamps and associated content

From basic lab skills to the fundamentals of common applications such as HPLC and GC, reduce unnecessary errors and empower new employees


Consistent, structured training on a modern LMS

By working with our technical experts, we can create training programs for your graduates that they can complete at a time that suits them. Without the need for face-to-face sessions, training can fit around their work tasks.

You can use Learning Paths to make bespoke programs yourself. Track and report on progress and ensure that everyone is obtaining the same level of skills and knowledge. 

Our credentials

We understand that it can take graduates 3-6 months to achieve the required level of competency. We created training content to cover all the skills new analysts need to become as effective as possible, using our vast experience in teaching these relevant skills.

CHROMacademy is a comprehensive suite of all the training material required for early-career scientists and beyond. Our training creates a consistent foundation that can take an analyst from their first job en route to becoming an autonomous and confident employee capable of complex problem solving and troubleshooting. 

Cost-effective laboratory training

For the price of a single seat at a face-to-face training course, access a customisable bank of training content that covers all the necessary skills and knowledge that new analysts need. 

Relying on existing staff to deliver essential training also creates an unnecessary cost. Given the quantity of training new analysts need, these costs quickly add up. 

Laboratories that use CHROMacademy also benefit from a compelling return on investment. Improving troubleshooting and maintenance skills reduces instrument downtime. Training also reduces avoidable errors, which greatly cuts down on repeat analysis.

Discover how we work with our members to create
bespoke training courses that equip graduates to succeed

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