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Preventative GC Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, the essential guide to how to care for your GC instrument and column. This webcast will discuss the correct use of carrier gas traps, if guard columns should be used, how to monitor column performance and what can be done when performance drops. We will consider the GC hardware and which parts of the inlet need routine maintenance and how often this should be done.  We will demonstrate how to correctly install and condition a GC column in order to obtain optimum chromatographic results. Finally, we will focus on how to troubleshoot, what chromatographic signs indicate that there is a problem, and the tools within CHROMacademy that are available to help users solve their problems.

Topics include:

  • Primary maintenance areas
  • Gas supply cleanliness – cylinder, generators, and traps
  • Autosampler problem areas and maintenance – needles and wash routines
  • The inlet – which parts to regularly replace
  • Correct use of GC columns – installation, care, guard columns, and troubleshooting
  • Primary maintenance points for common detectors
  • Maintenance routine and spares