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The CHROMacademy Essential Guide Webcast:
Critical Evaluation of HPLC Methods

Thursday 16th August 2018,
11:00am EDT/ 8:00am PDT/ 4:00pm BST/ 5:00pm CEST



This Essential Guide webcast will evaluate many of the aspects of the HPLC process giving you useful practical information on how to use these parameters to alter your HPLC method, resulting in better and more robust chromatography. 

Presented by

Dr. Dawn Watson (CHROMacademy Technical Expert, Crawford Scientific).

Topics Covered

  • The effect of mobile phase polarity on HPLC separations
  • The role of a buffer in an HPLC separation and how it should be chosen
  • The effect of temperature on analyte retention and selectivity
  • Additives for improved chromatography
  • Stationary phase and support material chemistry
  • The effect of column dimensions on gradient elution
  • Why and when you would use a guard column or in-line filter

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Critical Evaluation of HPLC Methods tutorial available late August

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Dr. Dawn Watson CHROMacademy
Technical Expert
Crawford Scientific

Dawn completed her PhD in synthetic inorganic chemistry at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, followed by postdoctoral research on small molecule reaction kinetics at Princeton University.

Following several years working for a major instrument manufacturer, she became a technical expert for CHROMacademy in 2013.

She has expertise in various analytical techniques, including HPLC, GC, GC–MS, LC–MS, NMR, and molecular spectroscopy.  As well as numerous wet chemistry and sample preparation techniques.