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The CHROMacademy Essential Guide Webcast:
Effective HPLC Troubleshooting

Thursday 19th April 2018,
8:00am PDT/ 11:00am EDT/ 4:00pm BST/ 5:00pm CEST


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Troubleshooting is an essential skill for all HPLC users.  By looking at the top 5 problems submitted to the CHROMacademy troubleshooter we will provide you with the fundamentals of troubleshooting which can be applied to any problem you encounter.  We will discuss troubleshooting problems with your separation and relate these to instrument, sample preparation and column issues enabling you to troubleshoot problems more effectively and avoid issues in the future.

Presented by

Dwight Stoll (Associate Professor of Chemistry, Gustavus Adolphus College).
Tony Taylor (Technical Director, Crawford Scientific).

Topics Covered

Essential HPLC troubleshooting strategies

  • Discuss common sources of the top 5 HPLC problems
    • Peak tailing
    • Peak splitting
    • Positive baseline drift
    • Peak fronting
    • Variable peak height/area
  • Outline strategies to confirm and isolate the problem
  • Explain how to solve the problem
  • Provide knowledge on how to avoid the problem in the future

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Effective HPLC Troubleshooting. Tutorial available late April.

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Dwight Stoll
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Gustavus Adolphus College

Dr. D

Tony Taylor
Technical Director, Crawford Scientific

Tony comes from a pharmaceutical background and has many years’ research and development experience in small molecule analysis and bio-analysis using LC, GC and hyphenated MS techniques.

He is actively involved in method development within the analytical services laboratory at Hall Analytical – which supplies contract research in Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. He continues to research in novel separation technologies, chromatographic method development and structural characterisation, especially in the areas of Extractable and Leachable analysis and Bio-Chromatography.

Tony is the Technical Director of CHROMacademy and has spent the past 17 years as a trainer and developing on-line education materials in analytical chemistry techniques.