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Mass Spectrometry at the Peptide Level

Analysis of biomolecules is carried out at several different levels in order to fully interrogate the structure. In conjunction with different chromatographic tools mass spectrometry can be used to provide the required structural data. At the peptide level we can pinpoint the primary amino acid sequence of a protein and determine the specific locations of any modifications. This module will allow you to understand how to utilize mass spectrometry based peptide mapping, including how to digest samples, where to start with LC-MS conditions, analyze the data produced, and how to use MS/MS experiments to further enhance confidence in peptide identity, sequence, modifications, and modification sites.


Topics include:

  • Introduction to peptide mapping
  • Chromatographic techniques for peptide mapping
  • LC-MS based peptide mapping
  • Peptide sequencing by MS/MS
  • Identification of modifications on peptides
  • MS/MS fragmentation modes