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Let us take the complexity out of statistics with this introductory webcast. Ultimately we want to generate accurate data, however, how do we prove the accuracy of our data? This is where statistics often plays a part. We will discuss the primary concepts of error, mean, standard deviation and variance; focusing on how these are calculated, when they should be applied to your data, and what they tell us. We will also consider some more complex statistical tests that can be used to analyze data sets produced by different analysts; again discussing how and when to apply these tests. All of this information will allow you to take your first steps in applying statistics confidently. 


Topics include:

  • Accuracy
  • Replicates and the mean
  • The central limit theorem
  • Variance and standard deviation
  • Standard deviation vs. standard error of the mean
  • Confidence interval and limits
  • T-test
  • F-test
  • Pooling variances
  • Analysis of variance