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In this session, we explore the theory, technology, and applications of GC-MS/MS. We will discuss the key features of GC-MS/MS instrumentation alongside an overview of the key instrument operating principles and theories. Various means of deriving MS/MS spectral information will be discussed with reference to the analyzers which make these experiments possible and key applications of MS/MS technology will be highlighted to demonstrate practical relevance and show what GC-MS/MS technology can do for you!


Topics include:

  • Overview of GC-MS techniques
  • Anatomy of GC-MS/MS instruments
  • Comparison or various MS/MS detectors
  • MS/MS experiment types
  • GC-HRMS, GCxGC–MS/MS, and fast GC-MS/MS
  • What can GC-MS/MS do for me?
  • Applications of GC-MS in forensics, environmental, food and metabolomics labs