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This webcast focuses on crimes that are committed against laboratory gases. The material provided should help you avoid common pitfalls no matter what technique you are using gas for. Laboratory gas isn’t just for gas chromatography; it is used in a variety of applications from sample preparation through to analyte analysis. This webcast discusses gases for solvent evaporation, the effect gas purity has on GC, GC-MS, and LC-MS applications, and some less often considered topics such as the impact of background ion-molecule reactions in collision cells and the effect on analytical results.


Topics include:

  • Gas for solvent evaporation
    • How and why solvents are evaporated
    • Why use nitrogen
    • Benefits of nitrogen generators
  • GC gases
    • Gas quality
    • Crimes against gas filters
  • Hydrogen for GC-MS
    • Analyte reactivity
    • Effect on ionization efficiency
    • MS background signal
  • Gases for LC-MS
    • Which gases are used where and what for
    • Impact of purity on CID and MRM experiments