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The quality of carrier gas used in a GC system is of the utmost importance. Gases which contain moisture, oxygen, or contaminants can have a serious detrimental effect on the GC system, GC column, and ultimately chromatographic results. The use of the correct gases for detectors is a must, with the cleanliness of the gas being an important factor. This webcast will discuss all of the important considerations on selecting the correct gas with the correct cleanliness for your GC system and detector. Common problems will also be highlighted in order for GC users to spot them quickly when they occur. 


Topics include:

  • Cylinders and generators
  • Cleaning gas - correct use of gas filters for carrier and detector gases
  • Carrier gas requirements:
    • Cleanliness of common GC gases He, H2, and N2
    • Effect of gases on column bleed and conditioning
  • Gas requirements for detectors:
    • Does N2 harm an ECD detector?
    • What is the effect of wet H2 on an FID?
    • Which gases are required for GC detectors and how clean do they need to be?