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The most common inlet for capillary GC is known as the split/splitless inlet, which as the name suggests, can be operated in two modes, spilt or splitless. This module fully details the working principles of this inlet and the parameters that must be set for successful sample introduction. Common problems are also highlighted, ensuring you can troubleshoot or avoid them all together.


Topics include:

  • GC inlet systems
  • Split/splitless inlet
  • Split injection
  • Setting the split ratio
  • Sample discrimination
  • Injection volume
  • Optimizing injection volume
  • Split injection experiments
  • Splitless injection
  • Optimizing splitless injection - purging the inlet
  • Optimizing splitless injection - analyte focusing
  • Optimizing splitless injection - solvent choice
  • Splitless injection experiments
  • Choosing an inlet temperature
  • Liners for split/splitless injection
  • Septa for split/splitless injection
  • Septa problems