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During this two part event we will look at the whole GC process from sampling, to injection, separation, and detection. We will provide practical hints and tips for the essential GC parameters in order to make your use of this powerful technique straightforward and successful. Firstly we will discuss the gases required for GC, critical choices in gas sampling and sample preparation, and how to optimize your sample injection routine. Column selection is probably one of the most important choices in any chromatographic method; therefore, we will share our insights on how to select the correct column each time. Finally, we will detail how to utilize and optimize isothermal and temperature programmed methods to produce optimum resolution.


Topics include:

  • Gas supply and quality
  • What needs to be considered when choosing a sampling technique?
  • Which inlet for which analysis and how to avoid the common inlet pitfalls
  • GC column selection - what factors influence stationary phase choice and dimensions?
  • Optimizing isothermal and temperature programmed methods