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Everything You Should Know About Headspace GC

If you work with volatile or trace analysis, are involved in the development of GC methods for samples in low volatility sample matrices, work with dirty sample matrices which could cause contamination of your GC system, or simply want to expand your knowledge of GC sampling techniques, then this is the webcast for you. Let the CHROMacademy tech team teach you how to use and optimize headspace GC to improve your analyte sampling.


Topics include:

  • Why use headspace GC?
  • What types of samples are suitable for headspace GC?
  • How does headspace sampling work?
  • Strategies for altering analyte solubility and the effect of analytical response
  • The anatomy of headspace instrumentation
  • Setting and optimizing headspace GC parameters
  • Calibration of headspace GC for accurate quantitation
  • Purge and trap sampling

Learn more with CHROMacademy: