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The session includes a wealth of practical information on avoiding issues when preparing, installing, and conditioning capillary GC columns. We also consider causes of capillary column aging and how to ensure your column remains fit for purpose for as long as possible! Also included are a quick revision on common GC Detectors (FID, TCD, ECD, NPD) as well as practical tips for avoiding problems and optimizing detector response. We conclude by considering the symptoms of detector problems and building a list of troubleshooting and maintenance items which will be useful to the GC practitioner. Throughout we consider both instrument and chromatographic symptoms.


Topics include:

  • Proper column installation and conditioning
  • Capillary column performance degradation
  • Protecting the column and prolonging column lifetime
  • Detector principles (FID, NPD, ECD, TCD)
  • Detector performance optimization
  • Troubleshooting detector response and sensitivity issues
  • Maintenance schedule